Routes - What am I doing wrong here

Hi fellow Wapplers,

I’ve made a site with routes before. But right now, I’m doing something wrong and I can’t figure it out. Hopefully I’m missing something simple.

It looks like everything pops up correctly on my homepage, but the content of a route page just isn’t pulling up.

The main page is /layouts/mainpages/home.php.
The first route I’d like to load is on …/…/_home.html on my site. (THIS IS THE CONTENT THAT ISN’T PULLING UP)

These lines are in the home.php file:

 <base href="/layouts/mainpages/">
 <script src="../../dmxAppConnect/dmxAppConnect.js"></script>

At the end of home.php I have this line:

<div is="dmx-route" path="/home" url="../../_home.html" id="id_MainpageNormalStuffRoute"></div>

Here is my routes section:

Here is the route being loaded on my page:

For awhile I thought maybe …/…/_home.html just needed to have the “show” enabled, so I tried this on the route section of home.php:

And I think I have the routes setup correctly.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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