Security Provider Properties - Secret Key - from data source

Before i put this in as a feature request, i first want to find out if its a valid request. If its possible, is there any reason why it might not be a good idea?


Scenario. I have multiple clients using the same CMS. (* unique to every site and unique database)
With php i just modified the files in the (dmxConnect\modules\SecurityProviders) and ftp them to the server for each client.

Is there anybody else using a CMS ( unique to every site and unique database) they create for multiple clients using different security keys? or is it fine to use the same Secret Keys for all the clients…*

So in short… if all my sites I develop on Wappler all have the same Secret Keys… would it be a security risk?… can I use the same Secret Key on all sites I develop? i guess that is the question

If its not a security risk… then the blow is absolute… and you can stop reading… :slight_smile:

Now im using docker with node as this is what is recommended… So i want to deploy the same “site” to 10 clients but i want to avoid them all using the same “Secret Keys” and then that will mean i have to manually add these files to each site / or change the keys in the files and re-deploy each site.

But it would be ideal if one can select this out of a database? As the database it unique to every client.
So that when i do an update on the site files… i just have to press the deploy button on 10 targets and its done.


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