Select dropdown puts NULL into a blank entry

Bootstrap 5 I’ve looked at all kinds of Bootstrap 5 tutorials & Docs –

Here’s the problem –

I have a Select Menu that gets its values for a small table
The dropdown holds the values which on a Select in the Dropdown assign that value to the input below.

However, I need for the 3rd choice to be a free-form – type any value you want into the input.

Since this is a dynamic form I created one more blank value record in my table that creates the dropdown values.

But when the 3rd option is chosen – the blank dropdown it inputs NULL as a value, referring to the database schema

I have tried all kinds of ways to simply make that blank (including putting in an “empty” Placeholder.

The NULL is a literal value that stays there as the user begins to type in this field. It is necessary at the moment to DELETE the NULL before entering a real value.

Any ideas?

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