Select2 - Update

Hello Everyone!

Searched all over the forum about user Select2 to update values but was not able to solve my problem.

I have a partial with a select2 that is inserting values on database correctly, I’m storing the data as CSV.

On the top of partial, I’m adding this code (using a css library to select2 work with boostrap):

    $(document).ready(function () {
    theme: "bootstrap"

To retrieve the infos already on the database, when clicking on <li> tag, on “Static Event” OnClick, I call this script + load a server connect:

    function myfunc() { 

When debugging on Chrome, I got this error:

When I replace “dmx.parse” for values already on my database, for example: [4,5,6], the tags are displayed.

The SC is retrieving data correctly when clicking on the <li> tag.

Thanks in advance and have a great week!

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