Server Side Rendering (SSR) NodeJS and SEO concerns

Hi all!

Is there a way to build full Server Side Rendering (SSR) NodeJS sites?

Right now I know how to do metadata on server side, but I want to do ALL the document with SSR.

Yes, it’s true Google it’s better at this now cause they have a Rendered Index, BUT, after every major update they disable the Rendered Index and they use a simpler one for a while, that means that roughly 25% of the time Google dosn’t render well pages with Client Side Rendering. Also, you spend faster your crawl budget if your page have to be rendered on client side, that’s another important factor to want the page SSR.

Maybe there is some alternative? I’m more a SEO guy than a programmer and maybe I’m gonna say stupid things now:

A) Cache the page? My project uses SQLITE and redis cache seems to not work, I need to use SQL? Would that work like some sort of SSR?

B) Server actions to create a .html or .ejs document page? For example blog posts, product pages, etc… This way you would have the actual document page rendered.

Does PHP on wappler support full SSR? Maybe I should switch?

Another great addition to Wappler would be a way to work like a static content generator.

Thanks all!

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