Show data by groups? Accordion? Expanding Rows? Don't know what to call it

Simple example:
A database of people, in many states in the US.
I want to show a list of ALL 50 States, and have an ability to click on a state and see the people who are in that state in a simple table.

I’ll have to have a master list of states, so ALL are shown, even ones that have no people in them. Lots of threads and terms in the forum, but I don’t find anything that refers to the UI. (subform, subquery, nested query, multi-reference, etc etc)


Then click on a State and expand it.

This is extremely similar to a FAQ page, that uses an accordian control.


I could have a Row Expansion icon in front. See all the states and easily expand the one to look at.

Of Course

The least “modern” would like a printed report and show everyone at one time and be really long – basically like a report with a group header on State. But certainly I should be able to do better than that.

I’ll want to click on a person and popup a detail page. I’ve done that before, I just can’t find any docs for this type of control in Wappler.

Who has an idea?

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