Slow insert records into the database

@George, have there been any major changes in the repeat component in SC since Wappler ver. 2? It feels like the multi-insert has become slower.

Question to the community. Has anyone worked with large data arrays (insert/update)? A large array is more than 500 thousand records. How do you insert records into the database?

I measured the insert speed using a pre-prepared csv file with 12,364 records. The server action is extremely simple:

Start of the insert:

After 2 minutes, there is a break with the client, due to exceeding the waiting time, but the script works:

At the time of the break 3,185 records were insert in the database:

After a little more than 4 minutes, all records are inserted in the database:

12,000 records are inserted into the database for 6 minutes. It turns out that it will take 5 hours to insert 600 thousand records. It’s incredibly long.

How to work in a Wappler with a large amount of data without using custom solutions?

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