SQLite set up

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up an app with a Sqlite database, but I get stuck at somepointt.

Following the @ben’s video (5. The databse) I set up a new projetc, with Docker as hosting and NodeJs as server type. Then, in targets, “none” in database. At this point, there’s not a orange nor red circle, but half a green one, at the bottom left.
Right after, I go to Globals, add a new database connection, as SQLite type.
So that, under database, I can create new tables an fields, I can acces the .sqlite3 file from Navicat for SQLite, I can make changes in Navicat and update them from wappler.

But: I can’t edit the fields from wappler, when I select any field, the Properties menu, just does not appear. And not reciving any data from querys, neither in the front end app nor directly in the Api action file. (if I select the debug flag, I get "status 500 in the browser)

I can see in the video, noy only that he can edit the fields, also at the min 4:11, he can choose as data type even date format, whwn SQLite is not supossed to manage it.

I’ve tried to choose MySQL in database target, then docker starts running a server and I get the full green circle, and then I’m able to edit fields and get query results, but I think this way we are mixing up things and runing a server when SQLite should be server less.

Any idea of what am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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