I am following the tutorial on yt for node.js on how to work with databases. I created a simple database with sqlite and added a table and data. the connection is fine. Then I am going into the api builder and try to query the data. Everything works fine, but when I look at the output, I get this message:

status: “500”,
message: “path.toSystemPath: Invalid path “database”.”,
stack: “Error: path.toSystemPath: Invalid path “database”.
at toSystemPath (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/core/path.js:30:19)
at App.setDbConnection (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/core/app.js:257:43)
at App.getDbConnection (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/core/app.js:313:25)
at App.select (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/modules/dbconnector.js:14:25)
at App._exec (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/core/app.js:485:57)
at App.exec (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/core/app.js:425:20)
at App.define (/Users/lars/Desktop/Neuer Ordner/lib/core/app.js:415:20)
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)”
}emphasized text
I have no idea how to fix it. I started a new project and tried it again and got the same message.
Please help!!! Best regards Lars

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