Storing a client-side array into a json field in the database

I’ve searched all over the community but can’t quite get the answer I need.

I have an array in app connect which stores IDs. I am trying to post that to a server connect API and save it into a JSON field in the database.

I’m posting an input field with the items from the array which is being received by the API as 1,2,3 and when I insert that into the table, the JSON field is saved as "1,2,3"

There’s obviously a key bit I’m not doing. I was expecting the inserted JSON to be ["1","2","3"]

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

The $_POST variable is set as Type: Array and I’ve tried with multiple ticked and unticked.

In the past I’ve sent multiple data using input fields like id[] and then it posts them as id[1], id[2], etc. and then I loop through them in the API but I’m now using an array field in app connect which I’m sure must be able to be handled in a much simpler way?

Is it because I’m posting a single variable with the value set as the array items? How else should I do it?

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