Stripe Orders Beta - how to extend client and server side stripe?

I am wokring with ‘Stripe Orders’, which is in beta.

I need to do the following:
"please select a beta version by setting the Stripe-Version HTTP header to something like 2020-08-27;orders_beta=v4"

In their example code it looks like this, in client side js:

// This is your test publishable API key.
const stripe = Stripe("pk_test_51It********", {
  betas: ["process_order_beta_1"],
  apiVersion: "2020-08-27; orders_beta=v4"

And server.js:

const stripe = require('stripe')('sk_test_51*****', {
  apiVersion: '2020-08-27; orders_beta=v4'

I don’t think I can set this using the UI.
How can I extend both the client and server side striep components to include these 2 values?

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