Submit redirect issue insert and email

I have a register form everything is working just that it is not redirecting, I have a data insert that is working when I submit the form the data gets added to the database table, I also have on that same part for it to send out an email for email validation, the email gets sent out, I have on the page the browser option after the app, and on the form, I have that success the goto browser thing, I also added some alerts for error I have it to alert me any errors, I have also change the mail SMTP file "public $SMTPDebug = 1;" to 3 no errors show up on the preview on the console, but the alert does trigger that there is an error.

I also got the debug on the project not sure what else to do have 2 days trying and it was working before, also if I remove the mail part it does redirect but I do need to send out the email so people can validate their email address.

Another issue I have encountered or might be I am doing something wrong but I followed the instructions to filter a single query with a get variable but it is not working for me, I can filter it for example when I log into the system and use the security API for it but not with any get value. is there a way I can send logs privately here really need some help not sure what I am doing wrong?

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