Theme Manager - How Do I Install Custom Fonts?

This is a Question hoping for a How To procedure.

I see questions about unresolved issues with Theme Manager but nothing turns up in the Docs or Tutorials or How To categories about the limitations or solutions.

I want to add font .otf files so that I can use them in the Theme Manager. I am using version 4.4.5 on an Intel MacPro.

I have used the Font Book app in the latest 11.6.1 Catalina to install these fonts for local use in any app on my computer. I tested by opening PhotoShop and those newly added files are now available for use.

Now I want to make them available in Wappler Theme Manager.
I intend to include these fonts as a my own server resource instead of a using a third-party download source such as Google, where this font is not available.

But no matter whether I copy these font files to ASSETS or inside the bootstrap folders or in their named folder in the base path where bootstrap 4 and 5 styles are saved I cannot see them in the Wappler Style Manager.

Even though my Mac system has these same files available in such apps as Photoshop they also do not show up in Wappler Theme Manager as Local Fonts. In fact, Theme Manager only shows 5 installed fonts as LOCAL.

How can Theme Manager be extended to “see” all the same fonts as Photoshop or the TextEdit app make available on Macs?

Or extended to include more categories than “local” and “Google fonts”?

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