Tutorial or Doc Needed -- How To Generate an Update form that shows Multiple Choice Checkboxes

Wappler Docs, Tutorials, Videos refer to “Update Form”

I will PayPal to see one complete Wappler “How To Create an Update Form that also handles Multiple Choice Inputs such as Checkbox Groups and Multiple-Choice Dropdown lists.”

Yes, I know how to make a form page populate with a given record and DMX bind values from a Get query. Or I can re-use the Insert Form itself with a filtered query for the key id in that record.

But I have several fields that store multiple choice checkbox values as comma separated text fields. There are 7 or 8 text values per Checkbox group that can be chosen and stored as “value,value1,value4,value8” etc I know I have to transform the Get field value array into its separate string values so that I can add a “selected” class to each checkbox with an "IF $value equals … " comparison.

I don’t know if I should build an API query to Get this record and individually pull each checkbox value out then or do it server side – questions like that …

I want to see those checkbox groups in the Update Form displayed selected or unselected as their individual values are found or not found in the existing field array. I know the steps in a php loop to generate this but I know that a complete Wappler Tutorial on Creating an Update Form would make this all logical and sleeker.

As I say, I will PayPal for this.

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