Two Questions Regarding Bootstrap Colors

I was wondering how to add a new color to Bootstrap(like primary, info, danger, etc)
I saw this

but when I add a color I get an error

This is what the “theme colors” variable had by default
(“primary”: $primary,“secondary”: $secondary,“success”: $success,“info”: $info,“warning”: $warning,“danger”: $danger,“light”: $light,“dark”: $dark)

and this is what I changed it to
(“primary”: $primary,“secondary”: $secondary,“success”: $success,“info”: $info,“warning”: $warning,“danger”: $danger,“light”: $light,“dark”: $dark,“test”: $green-100)

Not sure how to get it working.

I also wanted to use the Bootstrap colors in my own CSS classes.

I found this post about it

But when I add the color to a class and add the class to a row it doesn’t seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated!

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