"Undefined Invalid Date" Message in Date/Time Picker For Dates in 2021...!

I have a date/time picker which is giving me the “Undefined Invalid Date” message when a date is presented from the database or chosen with the date picker which was in 2021 rather than 2022.

28 Jun 1

Do I have something wrong in the way I am using the Date Picker?
Or is this a bug of some kind?

Here is the code for the date picker… note that I am not displaying the year in the format="" area…

<input id="i_mt_autosend_time" class="ml-2 b_right2 rc_5 c_right7 fs_80 w_200" name="autosend_time_display"
 is="dmx-date-picker" timepicker="" minutes-increment="60"
format="ddd D MMMM (h:mm a)" utc="true" placeholder="Select date and time:"
dmx-show="(i_mt_autosend.checked) && (message_template.data.message_template.associated_with=='i') && (message_template.data.message_template.audience=='a')">

Here is the value being bound…

28 Jun 4

28 Jun 3

28 Jun 2

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