Unexpected token 'M' at column 44 in expression

Got a call about an error on a page this morning. I’m getting an error:

Unexpected token ‘M’ at column 44 in expression [query1.data.sort==‘setOrderDate.formatDate(‘MM/dd/yyyy’)’ && query1.data.dir == ‘asc’]

Nothing has changed on the page recently and worked before. I search for the error and find it here:

<th class="sorting" dmx-on:click="query1.set('sort','setOrderDate.formatDate('MM/dd/yyyy')');query1.set('dir',query1.data.dir == 'desc' ? 'asc' : 'desc')" dmx-class:sorting_asc="query1.data.sort=='setOrderDate.formatDate('MM/dd/yyyy')' && query1.data.dir == 'asc'" dmx-class:sorting_desc="query1.data.sort=='setOrderDate.formatDate('MM/dd/yyyy')' && query1.data.dir == 'desc'">Order Date</th>

If I remove the 2 dmx-class: sections then the page will load. Just won’t sort. I don’t see any extra ‘M’ lines in the statement. Any ideas?

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