User Group Registration

I am new to wappler and have very limited coding experience. I have been able to successfully create a sign up and log in page thanks to the multiple resources on here - thanks especially to Ben!

My intent is to have users sign up, via email/password or 3rd party API (Apple/FB/Google), creating a User ID. After successfully signing up they are directed to a “register” page where they register as 1 of 3 groups; business, customer, business associate. The intent is once they submit the registration form, they are added to the specific group table, along with their User ID generated in signup. I have scoured this community and the internet for days now but have not been able to find anything that outlines this.

Currently the order of operations is:
Form button is clicked to submit > Following API Executes > Database Single Query (to obtain User ID) > Database Insert (to insert form data into new Group Table)

I know this is wrong but I can’t figure out the step needed to place the db query into the dbinsert.

Thank you very much in advance!

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