Using a NoSQL database and Logins

I am thinking of using a nosql database like OrientDB. My initial thinking is to access it from Wappler simply by invoking the database’s REST APIs.

That said, I’m having troubles figuring out how to manage the user security though, starting with the Security Provider.

In my application, I know that I will have more than one user and I don’t want to use a hardcoded list of users. This rules out configuring the security provider’s Type property as “Single” or “List”

The only option left for the Security Provider’s Type is “Database”. But to use that option, I think that I need a Database Connections defined, and when you do that, we know that the only options presented are the Wappler-supported SQL databases.

There is no choice in the security provider to use a REST API to figure out the userid from the passed user credentials.

Is there something that I’m missing here? I’d rather not have to use a SQL database just to keep a replica of the user list just for the login --because like it or not, the nosql database will also want to keep that list to manage access permission to the data.

Has anybody done this before?
Any guidance or thoughts?

Many thanks in advance,


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