Wappler + MongoDB + Mongoose + GridFS

My question is to everyone who has worked with MongoDB in Wappler and @patrick, as he probably knows the answer.

I use a custom extension to connect to MongoDB using Mongoose. Everything is fine with this and I am calmly working with the data. But I also want to save MongoDB files.

So to save files to MongoDB, I am studying tutorials that show the process using Express + Mongoose + Multer + Multer-gridfs-storage. Multer in this bundle is used as an Express middleware for uploading files to the server, and Multer-gridfs-storage package that helps to use GridFS together with Multer. My main doubts arose about the use of Multer. Do I need it in the Wappler? After all, the Wappler has its own way of uploading files to the server. Is it possible to use the native Wappler method to upload files to the server and then use GridFS, without using the Multer and Multer-gridfs-storage packages?

Maybe there will be code examples, it will be excellent!

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