Wappler sometimes very slow

Hi Wapplers,

I am experiencing something very strange… I am using Docker, NodeJS with postgress, on a local host, port 8100.

I am not sure why but recently my local wappler web page has been extremely slow. If I reset my macbook it works quickly, then slows down.

When I say runs slowly, let me elaborate Logging a user in can sometimes take a while. Clicking on a repeating table and showing data in a form, then clicking another item and showing the new data will take a while for that old data to disappear and the new data to appear.

Any idea what can be causing this lag? When I click on chrome debugger --> Fetch/XHR the status is Pending and can remain like that for ages. It’s stalling.

Could this be docker? Wappler? Port issue?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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