Webhook question

With our phone supplier we have the option to use web hooks for incoming calls etc.
The information it sends through is:

  "type": "user_inbound",
  "unique_call_id": "160455961758",
  "caller_id": "61300000000", 	
  "caller_name": "XYZ",
  "user_name": "John",
  "user_number": "1010",
  "dest_number": "44123456789",   
  "call_start_at": "2020-11-05T07:00:18.000Z",
  "queue_name": "",
  "ring_group_name": ""

For the life of me I can not work how to integrate this in Wappler to listen out for the web hook, is it even possible ??
It it is, could someone give me an idea where to start, the web hook info mainly points to strip and nothing else.
Any help would be really appreciated.

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