Discuss here everything about Wappler’s license model, subscriptions. Problems with activating your subscription or payment processing

Managing your Subscription

Purchasing a Subscription In order to subscribe for a Wappler plan you first need to create an account at When you have your account created and activated you can purc…

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Discuss here everything about Wappler’s license model, subscriptions. Problems with activating your subscription or payment processing

Could we get the option to pause subscriptions?

I’m assuming the answer will be no, but hey, though I’d ask anyway. I’ll be away for just over a month soon, and so won’t be able to use my Wappler subscription for a full renewal period. In the past…

Error adding license x user company

Hi I have a pro per company license subscription I can’t add a second license for a member of my team. A popup comes out of my account telling me that the feature is not enabled. What can I do ?


Good morning, I’m wanting to buy a license, but I have a question, I will be using this license both on the notebook at home and also in the office pc, ie would be on different machines. Does that cha…

Subscription - keeps disappearing

I selected the pro subscription on the 8th and this morning I had to restart Wappler, now it saying I have no valid subscription. So I went into my account and noticed that my payment failed, however …

Account Subscription Paid But I Have No Access

I just renewed my annual subscription, but I do not have access to Wappler. I keep getting a message telling me I don’t have an active subscription. Any suggestions?

Change Subscription?

I’m trialing an Basic Individual plan which expires sometime today 9/15/22. I want to purchase a Pro Individual plan but when I try I am stopped with a message saying that I already have a plan. I st…

Wappler subscription - payment method

Can I buy a subscription using payment with swift bank transfer?

Reactivating old account gives No Customer

I’ve just jumped back to Wappler after a few months and cannot login. Says “No customer”. Assuming I now have to pay full price. I’ve never paid for Wappler so unsure if I was using a trial or somethi…

V5 Price Increase

The prices appear to have gone up for subscriptions, 10 euros for individuals and 20 for business. What will happen to existing subscriptions? Are those automatically going to be converted on the next…

Request to have a Wappler Subscription for newbies

Being new to wappler , I guess there should be enough time for trial period to learn Wappler, or at least a minimum subscription fee just to learn Wappler, maybe limited to only 1 project or 2 with al…

Problems installing wappler

I registered with my email and I also registered in the community and it is giving an error when I try to log in to Wappler both use the same email

Activate wappler license

Guys, I bought wappler now, before I used the company account, I bought an individual account, but when I access I get this message. Can someone help me?

Change mailaddress

I need to change the emailaddress on my account. My primary mail is changed in my account, but in it still shows the old mailaddres. Billing is still done through the old m…

License free

How to get a free license for beginners or a bigger discount on the monthly fee, just for study, get to know the tool?

How to use multiple company licenses?

Hi, I purchased 2 licenses under the Company plan and would like to give one of them to a team member. How do I do that?

Can I change the email on my account?

Is it possible to change the email on my subscription account?

Wappler Coupon code as present for a friend

I would like to give away a Month of Wappler to a fellow developer. Can I purchase a coupon for that? Or is there another way? best Menno

Email for send document

What email do I use to send documents?

Need to access my billing information

I need to change my billing information and obtain an invoice copy for my last payment. I can’t seem to find a link where I can access my info.

Wappler license type question

On the pricing page it is not very clear what the difference is between an individual license and a business license. If for instance if i have a 2-man company, can I use 1 business license ?

Change Email Billing Address

Hi, how could I update the Email Address in the billing details section? I had to change the billing details, so I have to change the Email Address too. Thanks.

No active subscription popup won't go away

i have been using wappler since the beginning of this month and i have an active subscription . then suddenly from yesterday i started seeing the NO ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION popup . i have uninstalled an…

Strange Licensing Error

Hi there, I have come across a weird licensing error (see photo) when I run Wappler. My subscription is renewed and the next renewal is Middle of January. I login with my usual credentials so everyth…

Error in Wappler Subscription - 2 Invoices

Hi i just misakenly clicked twice to pay for my subscription for Wappler. I now have 2 pending Invoices for the same time period. Can someone please help resolve this by removing one from the account…

Change of Wappler account's email address

How do I change the email for my account?. I have changed the domain for my project and, thus, need to change also the email address.

Any black friday deals for Wappler.. asking for a friend :)

Any black friday deals for Wappler… asking for a friend

Change of E-Mailaddress

Hi all, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to change the E-Mail address associated with my account? I did not find an option to change it on the website. Have a good day

Pricing For Individuals/Freelancers

Have you changed the pricing for pro version for individuals/freelancers ?

Unable to login using a Google Account

Hi, I just subscribed for the PRO version for an individual, and downloaded the proposed version on your website. I am working on an Apple MacBook M1, latest macOS. So drag and drop application from…

Team license? Also, Create new account is broken on website

Hi guys, I have been using wappler on my own but now we need to add other developers. BTW, I tried to create a new account on the website and nothing happens after I enter all info and submit using …

No Company Monthly Plan?

I have a dilemma. I’m building a mobile app that a get a good bonus for building if I complete it. The support from the Wappler team I have gotten so far on this app has been invaluable. Therefore I u…

License issue with Education Version

A week or so ago I posted a question regarding the inability to have 5 current projects with the education license. The issue is also happening when I try to open an existing folder that has a differe…

The 5 Projects License Limitation... what does this really mean?

I’m confused about the “5 Projects” limitation in the individual / freelance edition. Does it mean I can create 5 projects per year, and if I try to create a 6th project I’ll be flat out of luck, eve…

Thank you for SEPA Direct Debit

Hi, I wanted to write an email, but couldn’t find an address, so I gonna have to post it here. I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for providing SEPA direct debit as a payment method. It is the mos…

Is wappler using vanilla javascript or jquery on the front end?

Hey there folks have just discovered Wappler and am considering getting the pro subscription. I am completely obsessed by speed optimization and was curious to know whether Wappler runs vanilla java…

Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals?

Hi Guys… Finally my DMX Zone yearly subscription has ended… Time for Wappler… any Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals coming our way… for Wappler Sign Up…

Pro trial but not all pro features

I downloaded the trial to try out the API datasource, but I don’t have the option in components?

The Two Examples

These two great demos are keeping me from creating ‘up to five’ projects. Is there any way to fix this issue? Please… Non-Profit Account – Is there a limit for web and mobile apps created with W…

Wappler Licensing

We’re a team of Wappler developers ( providing web app development services to multiple clients. What license applies to us: freelancer or company? - …

Wappler Purchase

I am aware that Wappler 3 would be available sooner than later. If I should purchase Wappler now as an annual subscription, would version 3 be an update or would I have to purchase Version 3 separatel…

Billing questions

is the 399 a yearly fee or an option to upgrade?

Extending trial period to two weeks instead of one

Hello Everyone, I’m not sure the best way to contact the right people, but I wanted to put it out there that a one week trial period doesn’t seem long enough. I believe that a one week trial may be …

Trial expired, not connected to account with valid license

Wappler Version : 2.6.4 Operating System : mac Expected behavior I have bought a new Wappler account (username lauterbach), because my old one expires in two days. I cannot change the username in W…

Black Friday 2019 Discount

Hi, Will there be any Black Friday 2019 discount for the subscription? Is the subscription price the same every year? Thanks I B

Issue Activating Subscription

I finally made the move to Wappler and signed up for a pro subscription. I am on a Mac. For whatever reason, when I open Wappler it still thinks I haven’t subscribed and wants me to buy. I’m not su…

7 days Trial - counts since

Hello everyone, my name is Derek. I decided to try Wappler because I am not able to understand pure php and all that raw server stuff, but I want to develop, I am a user oriented creature I have jus…

VAT Number. I can't subscribe!

Hi! I have placed my EU VAT number in my Billing Details before create a subscription for our company, but when i add a Pro Company Yearly Subscription in checkout page, i can’t proceed with my EU VAT…

Have you thought about an additional tariff plan?

In the beginning my story of decision-making… I very much hope that Google translate will make the correct translation and will not make strong distortions in my text and my story will remain clear t…

Licence purchased after trial period but impossible to open wappler anymore

Hi, I used the trial version for a few days and decided to buy a pro version a the end of the trial period. I probably made a mistake when i created my account because i did not used the same email …

DMXzone discount expired

Hello Why my last wappler paid amount different ?

Possible to buy components individually?

Hi. The title is the question I’d like to ask please, but if you have a minute here’s a bit of background to it… I’ve tried the free version of Wappler and although I like it, it’s too restricted to …

Cancel Auto-Renew Subscription Question

My subscription renews July 19, 2019. If I keep auto-renew can I can cancel in August or September? I have a pending situation that may limit my development activities for several months. I’m sure I c…

Subscription cost: charged €49 instead of €39

Hi George, I have been paying €49 instead of €39, now your individual pro account is €39, may i know why im charged €49, could you please check.

Trial to Full version

If a site was coded in the trial version and then after the trial expired I purchased, would I still be able to work on the previous site that was coded in the trial version? (I don’t have to start ag…

Wappler's VAT number

Hi there. Noticed that in the invoice about Wappler’s payment you are not mentioning your invoice number. Your invoice number must appear there in order for the invoice to be valid. Just like it hap…

Change subscription type

I have a personal Pro license (monthly) which is associated with my personal email address but I now have a freelance coder working for me. How can I give them their own license? Can I change to a Bus…

Subscription Costs

A pro subscription is somewhere in the same ball-park as a subscription for the entire suite of Adobe Creative Cloud apps… I’m struggling to get my head round that if I’m honest …

License question

Hello, wappler looks good. My question is, what’s happend What if I do not renew my license? Does the project still remain visible and operable online or will the website become unusable?

Other payment methods for Wappler subscriptions

Hallo ich habe eine Frage es geht darum wie so kann man nur mit bestimte karten kaufen ich habe nur Maestro und hab keine CVC Nummer. Es würde mir besser gefallen wenn man Paypal oder Lastschrift an g…

Students Licence for Non-Profit organizations

Hi all, I was using wrappler to create a project for a charity and was using the education licence, as I am a volunteer and was taking on the cost of the licence on my own. is it possible for me to ha…

A case for Basic+ or Pro Lite

Continuing the discussion from Possible to buy components individually?: So far I find that the Basic subscription is mostly adequate for my freelance work. I do not have any specific need for extens…

Downgrade/Change License

Hello All, I wanted to change my license from pro edu to the basic edu. I cant find a place to make this change and downgrade my license. Any help will be greatly appeciated. Thank You!

Change billing information

Where can I change the billing information to update an expired credit card? Thank you in advance.

Update Billing Info

I need to update my credit card details before the 23rd when my subscription expires. Update payment Info only brings up this dialogue. Just in case I decide to resubscribe

Can't update subscription payment method in Wappler

OS info Operating System : Mac OSX 16.7.0 Wappler Version : 1.8.1 Problem description … Steps to reproduce Click on Your Account Click on Update Payment Method Then click on Update When you cl…

Access to Server Connect and Routing with Basic

Hi everyone! I just signed up to Wappler, Basic, so Im in the 7 days trial period. I signed up to be able to have access to Server connect and Routing but it still says that a Basic or Pro license is…

Is Wappler Pro too Cheap?

I had some time to do some math today and comparisons between Wappler and Dreamweaver w/extensions. For the last 15 years or so I have been purchasing all of the latest DMXZone extensions and all the …

How do I activate My Pro account on my Mac Pro laptop?

I installed Wappler on my Windows 10 laptop and was using it when I paid for my Pro account. I had downloaded Wappler on my Mac Pro, running to test the trial on Mac I have downloaded the 1.6.2 for …

Special prices to change from the "Basic" version to "Pro" and who have bought lots of dmxzone extensions for Dreamweaver

Is there no special price to change from the “Basic” version to “Pro”? I have contributed to the launch of Wappler. Nor is there any special price for those who have bought lots of dmxzone extension…

Contact Needed ASAP

Hi,I am trying to contact anyone on wappler need to purchase the app but unable to via credit card. Need assistance urgently.

Special upgrade price for loyal DMX customers

Some time ago there was the discussion about Wapplers price tag. George replied with: "We will provide to the most loyal DMXzone users special pricing for transferring to Wappler! ". So, as a loyal c…

Possible to make payments monthly - like Adobe CC in very closely timing?

Jeez, i got deadline at 20.06.2018 - is it possible to make payments monthly in very closely timing?

Offsite CSS Style Sheets

I noticed that there are several CSS styles sheets that link to other URLs, offsite that control look & feel of some of Wappler’s default features. E.g., https://…

Upgrade Subscription for Backer

I am a backer and at the time backed with what I could afford, unfortunately basic at the time was my limit, I really need the Pro (database connection) and realize NOW that is in the pro functions - …

License sign-in and log-out

Open a project … to get to the editor and you will see it. Just open one of those Demo sites.

Extra licenses & swagg

my funding option provided me 2 licenses and some swagg, how do i get the 2nd license or can that be used for my 2nd year of access? also how/when do you plan to ship the swagg?

License Issue Educational not recogniZed

You don’t need the emails, Jim. Just download Wappler from and follow these instructions.